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  • Compassion and Results. Guaranteed.

    Advanced Patient Advocacy is a revenue cycle management partner that will treat your patients with compassion and deliver results to your bottom line.

    Critical Challenges

    • Providing a compassionate patient experience for vulnerable patient populations
    • Reducing bad debt and uncompensated care
    • Managing healthcare costs associated with underinsured and uninsured patients

    The APA Solution:

    Since 2000, Advanced Patient Advocacy has been a pioneer in the delivery of advocacy-driven, healthcare revenue cycle management solutions that provide a compassionate patient experience and measurable financial results for our health system clients.

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    The A-Suite

    Our integrated portfolio of advocacy-based revenue cycle solutions that includes Enrollment, Liability, Disability, Charity, Recovery, and Education services. These services are available as an integrated suite, individually, or in any combination.

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    The A-Team

    The industry’s most compassionate and experienced Advocates. Our Advocates work as a team, blending multiple disciplines to ensure the best possible outcome for both the health system and the patient.

    The APA Way

    Our unique combination of Compassion for People and Passion for Results defines our approach to revenue cycle management. The APA Way delivers both an exceptional patient experience and exceptional financial returns.

    Advocate 20/20?

    APA’s technology platform is a state-of-the-art workflow management system that enables APA to maximize Advocate productivity and deliver exceptional results for our health system clients.

    The APA Guarantee

    Our industry-leading customer satisfaction guarantee is a shared risk arrangement that ensures our interests are aligned. In addition, the APA Customer Success team provides ongoing relationship management and accountability.

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    • Improved patient experience
    • Decreased bad debt and uncompensated care
    • Accelerated cash flow
    • Reduced accounts receivable days outstanding
    • Reallocation of in-house resources to better respond to emerging regulatory challenges
    • Reduced re-admission rates
    • A coordinated effort between health coverage and discharge disposition

    "APA provides access to highly-skilled Advocates trained to work with a health system’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged patient populations while addressing its most complex receivable needs."

    Wendy Bennett


    Advanced Patient Advocacy

    Learn how APA can reduce your bad debt and uncompensated care, while you accelerate your cash flow.

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